Benefits of Regular Facials

Benefits of Regular Facials

Facials are treatments of the epidermis designed to enhance the look and texture of facial skin by cleansing, hydrating, removing dead skin cells, unblocking clogged pores, and/or tightening the facial skin. Facials can be as simple as using an old-fashioned recipe at home or as elaborate as a full day spent being pampered by a professional aesthetician at a fancy spa. The benefits of facials can go more than skin deep, though, providing a sense of relaxation and peace while enhancing self-confidence and promoting a general feeling of well being.

Facials are more than just a luxury. It is a type of self-care that both men and women can indulge in and one that has numerous advantages for the individual. In fact, the health benefits of facials extend far beyond merely rejuvenating and detoxifying the skin. Apart from the many aesthetic advantages that these treatments supply, people can also gain increased circulation, improved nutrient delivery and considerable stress relief. This article will take you through some of the benefits of having regular facials.

# Relaxation of Facial Muscles and Prevention of Wrinkles

One of the benefits of facials is relaxation of facial muscles. These muscles often tighten as a result of frowning, scowling, or simply from straining such as with reading. Facial treatments help relax the muscles of the face and relieve tension. This will in turn help to prevent some headaches that originate with tension in the face. Some muscles tighten and lead to unwanted lines or wrinkles in the face. Relaxing them with regular facials reduces the development of these creases or lines particularly the ones on the forehead and jawline.

# Clears the Nasal Passage and Air Way

The health benefits of facials even extend into the nasal passages. The combination of warm steam and gentle massage techniques can be very effective for relieving chronic congestion. The stimulation of various pressure points can also relieve built-up pressure, thus allowing people to breathe freely. Due to the dramatic increased circulation, improved breathing and lowered stress levels that these treatments promotes, it is certainly no wonder that most clients leave the spa looking and feeling utterly rejuvenated.

# Relief of Tension and Stress

Relieving tension may also help an individual feel more thrifty and relaxed in general and stress relief is another way of staying healthy and free from illness. With regular facial treatment, the face feels relaxed the rest of the body follows suit. Regular facials can reduce tension left over from work and other hectic schedule.

# Cleansing of Pores and Removal of Facial Oil

Cleansing of facial pores is another benefit of facial treatments. A lot of people suffer from acne, rosacea, and other skin blemishes. Oils may get trapped in the pores, clogging them and creating blemishes or inflamed areas. Facial treatments often use gentle cleansers to remove any surface oils. The massaging motion helps open pores so the oils can more easily be removed. Regular treatments can then become part of an overall regimen to reduce blemishes and skin problems that are common on the face.

# Exfoliation of Dead Layers of Skin

During the process, your face will be given a deep clean and exfoliation of the grime and dead layer of skin on the surface will be done. Your skin will be softened and treated specifically during the whole ordeal, and afterward. Some facials include special add-ons that focus on things like relaxing your face with special massages, or enhancing your face with eyebrow dye or other such products.

# Makes Excellent Gift

Facial treatments make excellent gifts for special friends or relatives and help promote healthy, smooth, and supple skin for a more youthful look. They make great shower, birthday, holiday, or Mother’s day gifts. They can be excellent gifts for co-workers who are close and know each other well too.

Finally, there are various treatments that are currently being offered, including options that are vitamin and oxygen-rich. Stimulating the face, neck and temple areas is just one way in which enhanced circulation is promoted during these sessions. The use of a warm steam both opens the pores and relaxes the blood vessels. With better blood delivery to this region of the body, new cell growth is increased.

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