Near-Infrared skin tightening laser is an effective, non-invasive, safe treatment.
NIR helps to tighten the skin and make it plum removing all forms of wrinkles through natural collagen production for fresh and new youth look. spa810 Houston offers anti-aging treatment using NIR light applied directly to areas of concern to restore the tone and freshness of the skin.

Benefits of NIR skin includes:

  1. It gives Fast and effective results
  2. No downtime
  3. No pain-just gentle warming
  4. It can treat all skin types and colors
  5. It gives minimal discomfort
  6. It is cost effective alternative to surgery

The beam of light is emitted with high intensity using handled applicator that deeply penetrates the skin tissue. The light heats up the water content of skin which stimulates collagen causing it to contract and tighten.

Before and After Pics