Prenatal Massage

The perfect baby shower gift to any pregnant mother is to spend one relaxing hour having a pregnancy massage at spa810.

The massage is also known as pre-natural massage. It serves different purposes such as relief from fatigue and strain on joints and muscles, relief from swelling in arms and legs, improvements of blood and lymph flow, increase oxygen flow to blood, relief of anxiety, depression or other negative emotions. It makes the body relaxed to improve sleep and raises endorphins hormone levels.

Doctors recommend massage for pregnant women most especially the first timers, prior guidelines are required. All the safety measures are kept in mind at spa810 when massage is being performed.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy:

  1. Lowered anxiety
  2. Decreased back and leg pain
  3. Improved sleep
  4. Decreased levels of stress hormone norepinephrine
  5. Overall improvement in mood

Recommendation document needed from doctor during first trimester

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