Due to the depletion of environment, poor eating habits and the increase in pollution, the number of skin ailments has increased over time. People are concerned about their skin then they ever were. Dermatologists and Skin experts are making sure to come up with measures that can cope up with the modern day skin problems most of the people experience. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than $13.5billion were spent on the cosmetic treatments in the US in year 2015 alone. This pretty much depicts the fact that how much the general masses have become concerned regarding the treatment of different skin ailments.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Dermatologists and specialised skin centres around the world are making sure to cater people’s needs in this regard. The recent advancement in science and technology has also stepped up the game for the pharmaceutical industry in fact for the whole medicine industry in general. Microdermabrasion is one of the recent treatments that has been introduced and adopted in the last decade.  It is a treatment which is chemical free and non-invasive. A minimally abrasive instrument is used to sand person’s facial skin, which removes the outermost layer of dead, dry skin, and makes the skin looks healthier and younger after the treatment. It is generally used as a skin tightening, anti-aging and Face wrinkle treatment.


Dermatologists believe that microdermabrasion is a very effective treatment for a quick skin grooming and it has both short term and long-term benefits if performed with proper care. Following are some of the benefits this procedure has:

  • The patient doesn’t need to do any prior preparation because it is used directly on the skin without any preparation and is a very convenient methodology.
  • It provides instant results. Post procedure, a moisturizer and sunscreen is applied.
  • It is a very comfortable procedure and the best part is, it is totally painless.
  • Microdermabrasion is open for all skin types.
  • It enables the easy absorption of high-end skin products after the procedure.
  • Treat acne and reduces acne scars
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces pore size
  • Improves hyperpigmentation
  • Exfoliate skin
  • Increases collagen production and tighten your skin

How Often:

Treatments are often scheduled once every 4-6 weeks


Microdermabrasion is only one of the many skin treatments which are used as an anti-aging treatment or some Face wrinkle treatments. Dermatologists believe that due to it being very simple and convenient some people doubt over its effectiveness so they are inclined to the alternatives. But the specialists also believe that this method is no way any lesser in its benefits from its alternatives which are:

  • Chemical peeling, which involves the use of liquid solutions over the skin as a tool for skin tightening and to make it look younger
  • Laser resurfacing, this method enables cellular growth. Top layer of the skin is removed using laser and this is a painful method as compared to the others
  • Other products like glycolic acid are also used as a means to remove the dead skin cells.

Why Microdermabrasion:

We have mentioned the benefits of this procedure above but we will highlight on the fact that why this procedure is better than the others? Specialists have claimed that due to it being chemical free, Microdermabrasion has minimal side effects. Moreover, it a single treatment which can be used as an anti-aging procedure, skin tightening and a face wrinkle treatment. It is very cost effective too. Unlike other treatments for anti-aging or skin tightening, it is widely available because of its ease.


Cutting the story short, we’ll conclude that microdermabrasion is a very good treatment if you’re looking for a cost effective measure for anti-aging, skin tightening and because of it being able to remove your dead skin cells, it removes the wrinkles and also serves as a Face wrinkle treatment. But care must be taken to make sure to undergo this treatment only from a properly trained person.


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