Top 5 Benefits of Regular Massage

Top 5 Benefits of Regular Massage

Massage is a ‘hands-on’ therapy that has been around for centuries because it was believed to be a holistic approach to healing. Touch has been observed to help people regain their energy by putting them in a relaxed state. That is why up till now massage therapy is still a lifestyle that cannot be eliminated. It has even gained more popularity, as people want to have that occasional pampering because of the stresses that comes with life in the fast lane. There are a lot of variations, ranging from a gentle stoking and kneading of muscles to firmer, deeper manual techniques.

The benefits of massage affect the body as a whole and it influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems. It is an integral part of many physical rehabilitation programs and the benefit of massage is numerous as it provides relief to people from all walks of life. This article will take you through some of the benefits of regular massage.

  1. Improvement and Correction of Posture

Massage is one of the most effective treatments for correcting and maintaining correct posture. A skilled massage therapist will be able to perform a postural analysis and determine which muscles are short and which are long. Treatment will include a full assessment of the type of work and sports that you do. From this, the massage therapist will be able to identify which muscles are likely to be over-used and need to be targeted in the massage treatment. The targeted massage routine will stretch the shortened muscles, which will help to normalize posture.

  1. Relaxation and Strengthening of Weak Muscles

Sometimes, muscles are weakened and shortened due to the ‘knots’ that build up in the muscle fibers. During the massage session, your therapist will be able to identify these muscles and palpate the knots using specific focused techniques to break them down. This will allow the muscle to become relaxed and strengthened and also function at optimum level.

  1. Improvement of Blood Circulation

Regular massage helps to improve blood circulation and supply to the whole body and promote a more effective removal of waste products from the body. This occurs because of long flowing massage strokes in the direction of muscle fibers which help to compresses the tissue.  The building up a ‘bow wave’ of compression is achieved longitudinally along the direction of the muscle and this encourages the flow of blood through the body as well as a generic stretch of the muscle fibers and surrounding tissues.

  1. Improves Breathing

Regular massage relaxes muscles throughout the body, including in the chest and round the respiratory system. Regular massage, therefore, can prove a highly effective technique in improving your breathing. If you suffer from shallow breathing for any reason, then you should consider regular massage because not only will it promote deeper breathing but it will subsequently improve blood and oxygen flow around the body which helps to remove toxins, lower blood pressure, and generally promote good health.

  1. Treatment of Injuries

Massage therapy is a very effective treatment for dealing with injuries. After an injury, regular massage will help to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort an individual experiences by reducing the inflammation around the injured area. Following this, the massage therapist can design a plan of treatment and rehabilitation to promote faster recovery and ensure that the range of motion is not lost in the injured joint while it is healing.

Over time, especially with regular treatment, the massage therapist builds up a complete structural picture of the client’s body. Thus the massage therapist is able to spot potential problems that may give rise to injury or discomfort in the future. For sports people, this is especially important as injury is more common as athletes push their bodies to the limits of their physical design.

Therefore, a regular massage is more than just correcting structural defects. It is about maintaining health, increasing awareness of your body and maintaining energy levels so that your body can perform at its optimum everyday.

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