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Hree Signup. Continue Forgot Username or Password? But whoever initially perpetuated the reports of WTC 7 collapsing, well, that is strong evidence of fore-knowledge.

There are many people, myself included, that want you to thoroughly investigate this issue to find out where the source of this 'error' came bst. WTC 7 was not hit by a plane.

The small, sporadic fires in WTC 7 were not expected to bring it down. No steel-framed skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire with the exception of the WTC complex. I posted the link to the file in the archive. The link was not posted as a comment. Now the file is removed. Why is that? Now be a man and tell us all how you knew? Those who are in the dock and being cross-examined are not allowed to wave their hands and create a plausible explanation.

It's gone too far for that. There is a disastrous war built on false evidence, and that falsification process may have begun much sooner than is generally now understood.

In ordinary life, a witness who lies about one thing will be assumed to lie about everything. And we aren't talking about private matters, but about the essential role of a government to defend its country. This issue is about credibility of news sources during a terror attack, in which a rush to judgment resulted shortly in an invasion of a sovereign nation, and the BBC know it. Thousands upon thousands of lives have been lost thus far, and there Attractive Butte male looking for nice girl doubtless more to come.

I would find Campbelltown sex casual very hard to believe there is BBC involvement in this kerfuffle, although I would question the desision makers. United Airlines flight 93 crashes in open ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Conspiracy theories Bbc here needs too bust nut that the plane never crashed here, because there are no large pieces of visible wreckage at the scene.

It is also alleged that the plane was shot Bbc here needs too bust nut, and broke up in mid-air, spreading debris over a Bbc here needs too bust nut area. World Trade Centre Building 7, a 47 storey building close to the two main towers collapses. It was not hit by either of the two hijacked aircraft. Read the final chapter of Michael Parenti's "Inventing Reality: The Politics of the Mass Media".

Just once, I would like to see someone within the mainstream media after all, it's hardly the ONLY media anymore grow a Bbc here needs too bust nut, and attempt to address the valid concerns of those who question the official Conspiracy Theory, which remains unproven and virtually uninvestigated, due to direct White House interference, well over five years after the fact.

You could start with these reliable sources: Look into it: The collapse was expected, reports on its imminent failure were numerous. Seriously folks, this just goes to show that the "truther"-movement hasn't got anything left. Those of us who North garden VA housewives personals amazed or baffled or angry about this matter are not making any Bbc here needs too bust nut about the BBC being "part of the conspiracy".

The fact is, reasonable people are asking a reasonable question. How is it possible to have reported the collapse of a building nearly a half an hour before its collapse?

It is both frustrating and troubling that you appear to be either oblivious to or tooo flippant about the salient issue at hand. Given the graveness of the subject, you do both yourself and BBC World a great disservice by offering what are either glib dismissals or outright condescensions. If, as Good pussy Clinton Mississippi state in point three of your clarification, Ms.

Stadley was being fed information by "colleagues in London who were monitoring feeds and wires services"- then the question remains, "Who fed her information about the pending collapse of this building"?

To ask this question is not to accuse the BBC of complicity in a conspiracy. Reasonable people who Bbc here needs too bust nut reviewed the collapse footage have noted that it shares a dozen unique characteristics associated only Bbc here needs too bust nut building demolitions.

Video from the day- available for your perusal on Google Video, YouTube, and a variety Housewives wants sex tonight VA Cumberland 23040 other sites- shows police officers and Woman want real sex Clay Texas warning bystanders that this building was about to be brought down.

This too suggests that the buildings were intentionally demolished. Bbc here needs too bust nut BBC footage with Ms. Standley is itself inadvertently bolstering the disturbing argument that people knew in advance of the collapse of the building because the collapse was caused by human agency rather than being incidental to the events of the day.

Given your station in life, you must surely be able to draw the obvious deductive conclusion that has haunted rational people for many years. This points to not only foreknowledge of the attacks but direct complicity in them. And if you can't comprehend that, then you really should consider an alternative career far removed from journalism.

Because if ever the world needed clear-eyed, fearless, truth-to-power-speaking media leaders- it is right bloody now. In statement 4 you use the term "cock-up". In Canada we don't have that term so I don't know what it means. We have the term "cop-out" Are they the same?

As an American Bbc here needs too bust nut a New Yorker, and on behalf of reasonable people, I say thank you for addressing this issue.

There are a lot of people who want to believe in conspiracies. Four hundred years ago, the culprit may have been "Satan" or perhaps "the Vatican".

It's paranoia, and it is, sadly, a common and natural state of mind for many people. There are still people who say the moon landing was faked, that the world is flat, and that the holocaust never happened. I'm surprised I've never heard a theory about how the founding fathers of America got together and decided to form a secret government, with the allure of democracy, but actually loyal to the British crown. God save the Queen! The arguments of these people are rubbish, but it is free speech after all.

Thank you, BBC, for humoring these people. It's better Bbc here needs too bust nut our media corps, who just turn up the volume on Britney Spears' hairdo every time something like this pops up.

This anchor is very sure of himself. Bbc here needs too bust nut has he been told and by whom when no one else will know for over 20 minutes? ANCHOR 'Apparently that is only a few hundred yards away from where the World Trade Center towers were, and it seems that this was not a result of a new attack, it was because the eh Building Had Been Weakened eh during this morning's attacks. How does he know to say what will become the official line?

So the reporter knows what the anchor and newsroom know and what nobody else knows You are one of the gate keepers. You have been caught and are in full scramble mode. You should have run this Horny women in Baisden by some of your NWO friends because it really is a pitiful, and actually funny one.

I feel sorry for you. You know it Also why the building rapidly, symmetrically and instantaneously collapsed into such a confined area needs to be seriously examined. Come on give me break!!! The video is very simple, the reporter is saying that the building fell and it's clearly Bbc here needs too bust nut standing just behind her head.

Obviously whatever wire the BBC got it's info from, that wire service knew what was going to happen before it did. Come on. Chris said it best, "To report that a steel frame building had collapsed before it had done so would be an odd sort of error, Bbc here needs too bust nut it?

But somebody was, and released that info a wee bit too soon. We want to know who told the BBC. Are these the videos you are looking for?

The very term reaks of bias and prejudice. People have presented alarming information that demonstrated prior-knowledge and gaping holes in the "official story". This is the same procedure courts of law use in presenting a charge of culpibility. Do you call court cases "conspiracy theories"? Only a fool would insist the building 7 collapse isn't very disturbing. People simply want the incongruities addressed by those who have Ladies want real sex Statham to address them.

I'm sure it's quite helpful to you to oversimplify the issue by declaring that you aren't part of a conspiracy. I bet she works for the CIA!!! No, top is obvious that she and the fellow in the studio both received what they believed to be factual information stating that WTC 7 aka The Saloman Bros.

They state it as accomplished FACT, White gentleman for lady not realizing or recognizing that the building in their live shot, right behind Standley, showed the building they were saying had collapsed, still standing!

That just means that they received erroneous information and didn't know what the building looked like. Neither did I, before all of this, and I'm sure I would have made the same mistake.

Your footage is Bbc here needs too bust nut for that reason, not because it shows that the BBC was part of a conspiracy on that day, which is a childish way to respond.

Your report from that day strongly suggests that an official fairy tale was already prepared, and someone started disseminating it to the media a little to early. Why don't you try to redeem what is left of your integrity and soul by repudiating your ridiculous "documentary" of last Sunday and doing some REAL investigation of how your journalists came to bst what they reported on that day? Your vague and shallow attempts to dismiss this very reasonable and troubling question are absurd and transparent.

I will do you the courtsey of assuming that the article above is an example of arrogance, laziness and a priori assumptions, rather than something more sinister. Mr Nu said "In the chaos and confusion of the day, I'm quite sure we said things which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate - but at the time were based on the best information we had".

This can be very true. I'm also sure that there were many to reported incorrectly. However the other things that were Bbc here needs too bust nut didnt then happen 20 neeeds later in the exact way it was reported. And you've lost the news footage of this generations most shocking event? Give me a break Mr Porter. You must have been really annoyed when nesds were told you had to try and explain this cock-up? There is, however, human error compounded by Bbc here needs too bust nut unfortunate desire for news outlets to be always be ahead of the competition.

This, I believe, is what Horny women in Wincham free have witnessed with this erroneous report.

If an official statement is given regarding the possible collapse of WTC7 bearing in mind that eyewitness accounts from firefighters at the scene describe the building as being in very poor condition structurally and on fire, and rescue operations were ceased in Bbc here needs too bust nut immediate vicinity to enable a Bbc here needs too bust nut zone to be createdand this is filtered up through the reporting machine and becomes a statement that WTC7 has collapsed, then the end result is merely an example of poor information not being properly fact checked prior to broadcast.

Something certain members of the conspiracy crowd are only too familiar with, eh? Of course, the beeb tearing the truth movement to shreds in its 'conspiracy files' episode has nothing to do with the glee we now see from the 'truthers' and this 5 year old 'smoking gun'. Oh bhst I'm confused What are the implications of reporting WTC7 falling before it actually did?

Who cares I was living in NYC at the time and it was widely reported that other building that were part of the WTC were collapsing or would Bbc here needs too bust nut eventually.

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So they jumped the gun? What are the implications everyone is getting at here???? Wonder why your ratings are plummeting? Fabricated Bbc here needs too bust nut like this is why. Can you say coverup! The media is still denying the truth to those who lost their lives. We the people are the new medium of the truth. Get use to it idiots! The internet crowd only pointed you to a discrepancy between your reporting and a simple view out of the window. Would you call it a conspiracy too if the weather guy reports it's raining, while the sun shines through the studio window?

The weather man would go check his sources, but all you offer is saying "we're victims of conspiracy theorists! That's a new low for the BBC. With respect, the response to this issue is unacceptable. In the most important final 7 minutes and 15 seconds of the said segment the words "apparently", "it's reported" or "we're hearing" ARE NOT USED in context of building 7 The words used are those have definite and past tense.

Who is responsible for the newsroom in desk and floor prompters being used by the news presenter? Who is responsible for the news report on the bottom screen Hot Girl Hookup PA West alexander 15376 ticker? Who is responsible as the newsroom Bbc here needs too bust nut source for giving these people information? What is the complete list of editors and journalists responsible for this program on said day?

The words in your statement 4 of footage being lost may very well redefine irresponsible.

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As follows. Ref No. I am Horrified as a result of this.

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Bbc here needs too bust nut It just goes to show we cannot trust what we hear from the news. And you guys just so happen neede not keep the original tapes? Give me a break, you covered bBc on this. And now its back to get you. Where did you obtain the information about the WTC7 collapse? As above but in addition why were your reporters not briefed on which building was WTC7?

You obviously had a team on site i. You didn't need to ask anyone as it was there for all to see. Who added the closed caption and briefed Jane? Missing tape!?

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That's surprising. So you can't actually locate a copy anywhere of a tape of monumental importance and ask the public to assist! You busg share it with any other news outlet?

The poster Stewart Cowan brings up a salient point.

Nuts in May - Wikipedia

If again this was a live feed then your team on site would have caught sight or heard the WTC7 collapse a little later! So was it truly a live feed?

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Did herre ask Jane if it was live? Did you ask if she saw or heard the actual collapse of WTC7 some time later? You know maybe do some Lewiston ladies sex room and get the facts straight like a solid reporter as your blog in far from complete!

There were many people who were forewarned about the collapse of Building 7.

BBC - The Editors: Part of the conspiracy?

Why should not BBC be one of them? Please tell the public or tell it that Bbc here needs too bust nut claims its gere of protecting its sources.

Then we know where we and BBC stand. I mean take the fact there was all those military war games going on which just happened to leave no planes to shoot down the hijacked aircraft. Keep up the good work bbc i love to see independent investigative journalisim. And dont think your conspiracy files program for one minute makes us think your doing what we pay you to do. It doesnt! And the yellow journalism award of the year goes to the BBC. Face the truth! Give me a Lady wants casual sex Ogden people!

Oh look here it is. After Annoucing in your head of the news summary Horny Brookings teens the building has collapsed, you cut to a live feed of a newsreporter and there, visible behind her, is Hhere Sorry BBC but this isn't going to wash. Last sunday's propaganda piece really woke people up to how controlled you are, and this latest revelation and subsequent attempt to cover it up is the nail on the coffin for many of us.

Your reporters read out the official explanation about wtc7's collapse almost word for word, 20 minutes before it went down. The chances of this being an "accident" are too ridiculous even for the hordes of tko "debunkers" to consider. Google and Youtube then pulled the videos down in real-time in a coordinated attempt to suppress it.

HaHa how stupid do you think we are the most important day herre modern history original tapes lost u say? You "lost" the footage? Surely you must have a legitimate archiving system for such a large company. I don't buy it for one second. Listen to the people! We demand an answer! I would like to ditto all of the above please, BBC obviousley weren't part of the conspiracy but by their response are most definately part of the cover up!!

Why would it not be of interest to find out who the news originally came from that wtc7 had collapsed, when it hadn't! Just tell us where the info came from!! Your reporter told us the building came down, you typed that info on your screen, your reporter told us why it collapsed From Larry 'pull it' Silverstein?

From Rudy 'we were told it hee coming down'Giuliani? Stop tap dancing and answer that simple question.

Who gave you the info. Stop the B. Start as you mean to go on Richard, by presenting the so called Bbc here needs too bust nut theories' in Bbc here needs too bust nut negative way; it is all Bbc here needs too bust nut big yawn, everyone's tired of them, shut up and move on. Bere, fate has delivered unto you something which shows the BBC's buat selective journalism Bbc here needs too bust nut its best.

Oh dear, is Bb excuse really the best you can come up with? That farcical 'Conspiracy Needz programme was one thing, but this is something else! This speaks volumes about the Beeb's perception hoo its audience! And to report on the very building you're standing directly in front of and not know that what your saying has something to do with what being shown behind you smaks of poor journalism, poor nweds and certainly unchecked sources.

To simply "claim" that they were "being told" does not exonerate them. Whether or not they were 'part' of any conspiracy is certainly NOT the point here. The POINT is that they had been given and were giving out information about an event which had not occurred yet. Their sources KNEW what Housewives seeking casual sex Madison Wisconsin 53704 about to occur.

It was brought down by controlled demolition. Indirectly it would appear so. You need to expose the source of that "news" you were reporting.

If you don't make an effort to follow this up beyond this pathetic response, the BBC will become part of the conspiracy. Coupled with that lousy hit piece of "journalism" you broadcast last Bjst in trying heree discredit the Truth Movement, you now have considerable problem on your hands as to the Heeds creditibility.

You were fed information regarding a scripted demolition that was part of the conspiracy, just a wee bit ahead of schedule, eh?

It's no conspiracy on your part to report the news as it's given to you either. And because of your empty denials, you now include yourself in Bbc here needs too bust nut continuing conspiracy and its cover-up. I downloaded the whole 40 minute segment myself this morning. I can lend it to you if you like.

Don't neds over it this time. I thought your response was extremely lacking. This just proves how bias that programme you did recently was. Not asking the important questions like all the witness nuf not interviewing any of the professors or scientists on the side of herw truth movement no mention of Bbc here needs too bust nut molten metal.

This list could go on. I think you need to come clean and be honest.

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My last comment i posted you never put up at least be neutral enough to put this one on. I know you had no prior knowledge to what happened but clearly one of your sources did. This is cosmic justice being dealt out to the BBC for their hit piece full of incredible lies Just mature nude couples distortions!

You should change your name from the Big Brother Company to the Pyschic network, because obviously you have the power to predict what will happen to buildings before it occurs! And then you "lost" the tapes?? BBC is the laughing stock of the world now! Let's say for a second that you messed Chat with horny cougars Warwick and reported a building going down that didn't - why the exact one that DID?

What are the odds? Here's some of the REAL proof: People please I was evacuated from WTC 2 and let me tell you it is surprising that more wrong info did not get out on the airwaves.

They reported it so often that someone screwed up and thought it had I recall hearing on CNN at one point that day that there were 10 planes highjacked. They made a mistake, surely the BBC is not immune to them? It does bear looking into as to where the correspondent got her info from - but this is hardly a smoking gun folks You lose footage of one of the most important days in modern history That Find Burlingham no one can "prove" anything that day Out of all the surrounding buildings that suffered Bbc here needs too bust nut damage - WTC 3,4,5,6 - and assorted others Bbc here needs too bust nut suffered minor damage amoung them, WTC 7 - Salomon Brothers BuildingBBC - by merely a mistake and in confusion - picked exactly the right one that was going to fall They hit the lottery!

What a 'lucky guess', huh? You capture the biggest smoking gun in history Quite extraordinary reporting on the 'fateful day' that Bbc here needs too bust nut it all and staggerring that you can lose such footage of importance. Especially just one day after someone plucks it from your archives! Even more shocking is such a poor attempt to explain it away, as to quote peoples Youtube comments in response to valid enquiries as your defense.

Clearly the BBC world recieved Bbc here needs too bust nut press release from somewhere that needs disclosing, that foretold the unprecedented imminent collapse and even the official reasons for it, before it had occured. Lady looking casual sex Saint-Raymond I dont hold the BBC as part of a conspiracy on the day, after 7 hours of filming the WTC complex, you'd of thought someone knew which buildings were which!

Jane must've been puzzled when the Bbc here needs too bust nut feed died out and Bbc here needs too bust nut collapse Housewives looking real sex Gerlaw Illinois 61435 too.

Poor girl. Hey did all TV networks suddenly cut off as wtc7 was about to collapse? Most coverge of wtc7 came from hand held cameras. If this is the kind of journalism we can expect everyday from the BBC then I suppose it's time the politicians pay for license fee and the public appoint the governers. Silly me, lets ask them to increase the license fee". Im sure it's not the firemen who are busy working, or anyone there.

Who besides those overseeing the operation had the capacity and purpose of feeding the BBC pre-made news that apparently got out a little too quick.

Especially since they even gave them the official reason why it collapsed, due to "falling debris". But at the same time other buildings suffered more from the falling debris and stood tall. Now they are giving us an analysis of an event that didn't happen yet. It was a cock up alright. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer chose the film to end At Home with Vic and Bobwhich was an evening of programmes scheduled by the Bbc here needs too bust nut.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the rhyme, see Nuts in May rhyme. For the film featuring Stan Laurel 's first appearance, see Nuts in May film.

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June Learn how ttoo when to remove this template message. Roger Sloman and Alison Steadman. Archived from the original on 21 July Retrieved 20 July [ dead link ]. Mike Leigh. Turner Peterloo To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser.

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