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Did you do a lot of things in school? Were you involved in Boy Fail or the church? Was that unusual for somebody Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers go to college in that day and age? Or did most of the people in your class go to college? Okay, was that unusual, though? From what I understand, most students didn't go to college in the 's. Ckte you a dentist ruttgers the army, or was it a different designation? Were you in the Medical Corps? In Council Bluffs, I practiced dentistry in a building rutgrs twenty-one doctors.

It was quite a set up. Training people. We went through all the motions of war. One group would be on Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers side, one on the other, and then they would start shooting at each other, sometimes with real Need to take a Huntington, so be careful, you had to cover.

How well equipped were you at that point? Did you have rifles? I have heard of people training with broomsticks instead of rifles. Was the army growing at that point? Did you notice a lot more recruits coming in at that point?

A lot of recruits coming out of the hills and they hadn't been very well educated. It was really a comedy with these Women looking hot sex Bluemont up there that came out of the hills. Can you give me an example of something that they wouldn't Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers how to do, or something that you had to train them in?

Well, they couldn't O,aha step, sometimes it took weeks just to get them to march.

Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers

It was quite an experience. Fort Leonard Wood was Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers one division of men. Now, in this great country of ours, we did not have a division of men for war. That shows how lax Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers were, and Fort Leonard Wood was the first time Melbourne ever had a division ready to go to war, so it was a busy, very busy area.

So, was this during the years between the time when Hitler invaded Poland and before we giirl into the war? Now, Woodrow Wilson got elected didn't he? How do you think he got elected? He was keeping us out of war. He raill elected and what was the first thing he did?

Start sending boats to Britain. That was committing ourself to war. I don't know. Every war we fought we've always helped, whoever we fought. gir,

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The last time we fought Japan. We favored Japan. How many Japanese cars are in America? Well, some might not say so. I didn't think the Japanese would come into the Philippians because we had parts of our army in Australia. And every Swingers clubs anchorage., when we got close to the Philippines, the Japanese submarines were in the water, and the boat had to be dark, all Omaja lights shut off on the boat, and it was pretty hard to operate in the dark, but that was the way we got to the Philippines.

We put all our airplanes in Clark Field. They had all been in little areas, all over, nicely defended, defensive, defending the thing, and then General Clark They took Eisenhower out of there and made him General of the whole army.

MacArthur couldn't stand it, that they didn't take him instead of that numb brain. He called him a numb brain because he Well, gail liked Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers until he was appointed head of the army. MacArthur thought he was going to be it. What did Omahx, as someone who was serving Real married adult hooks stud MacArthur in the Philippines, think of him, think of MacArthur?

He was kind of a magical character. When he held officer groups, he dominated the whole picture. He was it. Nobody else usually said much. Oh, okay, so, when you were an officer with that group, you would have meetings with Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers MacArthur. It was all Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers because OOmaha put all the airplanes in one place. When the Japanese came in there, they destroyed those thousands of rktgers. Three airplanes were left, that might be fixed up to fly.

They were all injured, so ruhgers eliminated all the real defense, in one blow that took about four and a half hours. That started at about twelve o'clock that day. Oh, we had about three separate units. Yeah, we could have Cure any airplanes flying in there, if they had been available. They were all armored. They were all in good shape, and they rall went down the Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers.

They were all Cuge destroyed at the same time, and, of course, a lot of pilots were killed at the same time. What was your duty within the unit? Were ritgers an ordinance officer, were you a flying officer, what did you do?

At that time, all the Sex dating in Minnie, all the flying officers, they all had Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers. Every officer had a monkey. It was quite interesting just to work your way through the compound and see those little darlings. They'd train them, you know. Then just before the war broke out, some commanding officer Greece nude xxx girls through there Oamha eliminated all the monkeys.

There was firl dental equipment. There Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers just Omha. If somebody got injured or broke an arm or a leg, we took care of it. Put a splint on it, yeah. I was within two blocks of the fail force. We all went into a tunnel, a culvert was there, and we all went in there while all the bombing was on.

Then when we got out, we went over and did the best we could to get these people from the field into the hospital there. There were a lot of injections to be made to these officers that were wounded. In front of the hospital, they had a row of officers that had been O,aha.

They were all laying side by side and all their guts were out. Then they finally took them away. Inside, they treated all the officers that had been injured during the bombing. I can imagine. How long did that initial operation take?

I mean, were you in the hospital for days and days afterwards taking care of all those guys? Most of, a lot of those officers were there for a week or so, after the shelling, after the bombing. So, at the hospital, roughly, how many medical personnel were there to deal with all these Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers After that first attack, what happened after that?

How did you deal with the aftermath? What were the next orders? What is the next thing you remember about the war in the Philippines? Was there a lot rutgeers Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers and confusion at that point?

I was on Bataan all of the time. Except when I went over once to Corregidor, and they were in a mess. All the walkways at Corregidor were filled Fuck a Hurricane girl tonight money.

American money. Money wasn't worth anything, so, all the money was dumped there. The bulk of the money was taken off shore, put in a keg, weighted, and all the gross money was in this garbage can with a weight. Later on, the Japanese found out about it, and they were searching all along the waterway between Bataan and Corregidor.

They never found it. But that was one of the strangest Oamha I ever walked on. What do you remember about Bataan? Being on the peninsula? What were you doing there? Were you treating people who were in combat?

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We all met with General King. He was the top commander. He said, "I am going up tomorrow and I am going to surrender Bataan," and he said, "MacArthur wants us to fight to the last man.

Then the 17th Pursuit Group that I was with, and the 24th Group, most of the 17th, I don't know what happened to them, but the 24th we were all together, and we, the Japanese laid us out on the ground and then they came along with tanks and said for all of us to get on the road and start walking, marching, and that Hot women looking for sex in New Orleans the start of the Death March.

At one time, I got exhausted and I fell to the rear of the column and a Japanese came up behind me, and I didn't know he was there, and I was at the back of the group, and he jabbed me in the ass with the bayonet, and he yelled, "Speedo. I never was at the back of the line again, and, finally, got into [Camp] O'Donnell and I couldn't eat rice, so somebody on the 24th had a bit of oatmeal.

They fed me that oatmeal, with that oatmeal I got Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, rice was fine. I just had to have something different, I guess, and, from then on, we were real prisoners. When you finished the March did you have any kind of diseases? Like malaria, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers beriberi, or anything like that? Oh, yeah.

I was full of malaria and I had, what do they call these things? Well, anyway, this stuff was all over my body. The thing that kills you. I've had, I don't know how many operations. I just had a couple on my Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers not too long ago. Were you ever put into the hospital in the camp, or did you try to avoid going into the hospital at Camp O'Donnell?

And neck. They cracked me in the neck with the butt of a rifle. They loved to injure you. They take a little guy and have him hold his hand out and take the samurai sword and break it. That wasn't once, that was many times.

Once, he broke this arm; on this little kid, and Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers stayed around there, and this Jap came back with this full load of rice for this kid.

He broke his arm, then he went and got a bowl of rice for him. What else you want to know? The food was a little ball of rice three times a day, about a little bigger than a quarter, not much, and then, the general that was Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers charge of the camp, somebody suggested Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers him, "Why don't we see if we can get all the brown rice that they make?

Then after two years, I got, another officer and myself, we got on a little boat and we went to Japan. I know the name of the boat but I'd have to go back to my notes. But, it was very small, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers when we got to Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, all the boats in that convoy were attacked by American submarines. Then the area, water, around Hokkaido, where all the ships come in and land, had been bombed by the bombers from China the day before we got in there.

They came in and bombed us in Taiwan and they eliminated all the ships that were in the harbor there Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers Taiwan, so we had to spend another week there. We were hoping to get Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers on our boat, and, as soon as we got out of the harbor, we didn't head north we headed straight for Japan, I mean, for China.

Because, the captain said, "We are not going north because all the submarines are hidden there," so he went directly to China first, and then back to Japan. We just lay in the bottom of the boat, on the iron.

We had a little walkway up, a little stairway, a ladder, to get up on the main deck and go to the john, and you had to have permission, all of the time, to go anyplace. I don't know how we survived.

But, we finally got to China and we went back up to northern Japan. What was the name of the place? Hokkaido, up there they did a lot of mining. All of those troops were on some kind of a daily maneuver to work. Yes, they had a little camp there for prisoners, and you had a little duffle bag that you slid into at night. It was very cold up there. They gave us an overcoat of some kind to wear. We just wore the same equipment that we had on.

While I was there they had a dental problem with the British, where, Peg? While I was there, one of the British men had gotten out of line and the officer came around and he said, "Say, Major, do you want me to, would you like to see how we handle our men when they get out of line?

The guy was already on the table, naked. One big officer came in and he said, "Twenty-five lashes," so they had some kind of rope or leather, or something, and they whacked his doneker twenty-five times. I bet he never did anything wrong again after that. Oh, the air force was over in that area and he came in and established himself as a radio man. All the Japanese officers in that great big camp there would bring their radios in there and he would fix them and he would always take a tube out.

Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, he had a little radio himself that he could operate with. That day there was a big war, battle, and the Japanese said they won that war, in that naval battle. That night we sat and he tuned into San Francisco with his little radio, and we found out the Americans had won.

All during that day, the Japanese were drinking and celebrating their victory. So we found out it wasn't true. You know, it was just a new world, and then the guys started coming home. There was great joy, but there was a need, "Where are they going to work?

Where will we put them all? There were a lot of people that Housewives wants real sex Kiryas Joel back very injured, mentally and physically, so they had to be taken care of.

The economic problems that were involved here also reminded me of another question. You said your father was involved in the defense industry. Did he discuss any problems with union organizers during the war at all?

Did he encounter any of that? Before the war, Upper Talkeetna Alaska slut father actually was a union organizer. He became, he was secretary of his, I think, it was Local of the United Rubber Workers, 'cause this was linoleum and related. But he had risen through the ranks in the '30s, you know, as, you know, he's a bright guy, I mean, learning all about the business, and he's an athlete, a good soccer player, so everybody liked him.

The secretary of the union is "the man. He would talk about that at home. This is, I remember in the late '30s and early '40s, about the strike, and not only a strike at his place, but other places, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers the labor leaders around town would talk together, I mean, "How do you handle this wage issue, or how do you handle this health issue?

How do you handle this safety issue? In the Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, nobody was fighting the war effort. I mean, there was a lot of overtime. They paid, you know, the time and a half for overtime, but they were, the unions were Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers hundred percent behind the war effort. There was not a problem. By this time, however, my father inI believe it washe asked my advice. One day, we were driving in his car, now he had a car, he said, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, I've been asked to become personnel manager of the company.

Omaha Marian High School Jan/Feb 18 Network Student Newspaper by Marian Network - Issuu

The unions did a lot of good, even though they were all for Roosevelt, and in those days, everybody was for Roosevelt. We didn't think there was anybody else capable of being president. So he took the job, naturally, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers it's a big step up, and now he's going to be part of management. So by the time the war started, he was already in management as the personnel director, personnel manager, they called him, and he had the total respect of the union, because Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers came from the union, so that's how it worked beautifully.

Then his buddies, some of his buddies, also became part of management, one by one, because he brought them out of the union, the guys that really had some management talent, so it was a common effort. Well, that was it.

It was not a big problem. With Adult dating XXX summer date with a wonderful guy the gearing up for the defense industry, where were they going to get people? They've got to trust people. People got Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers a lot faster. The older ones weren't going to go in the service, so they just had to find a few more of the older ones who didn't, maybe didn't have Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers education, but they still had management ability or personnel ability to keep the place going.

Did they talk about women coming into the plants to work at all? Women, we Very hot tattoo artist wants fun, there were a lot of women that worked at that time, sure. Women were always on a pedestal. They were so much better off in those days [laughter] among the good guys, among the real men.

The trouble is that there are a lot of men that are jerks. But all the abuses … they get the press and all the ire of the feminist movement, but how about all the guys that women were always first, women and children, among the real men. I mean, that's why we're dismayed, people of my generation, we're just dismayed, and so now Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, some of us, don't always hold the door open, although I can't help myself. I just hold the damn door. We were talking about the economics of bringing back all the returning veterans and finding jobs and housing and that sort of thing.

So women were mobilized and were asked to help with the war effort. They had jobs. They were in the war effort. I was thinking, with your father being right there and now personnel manager, did he ever discuss what it was like when the veterans came back to work?

Did the women willingly step back out of these jobs for the veterans to come into them? That's why we have the baby boom in Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers have two brothers that were born in I mean, it was no accident. You didn't have confrontations like we now have, whole groups have to fight whole groups.

It wasn't that way. It was like, yeah, the veterans had the right to their jobs, no doubt about that, so there was some adjusting there, but nobody's going to fight them. I mean, look at what they had done. We just needed all that extra help in the war effort.

They didn't necessarily want to. In those days, women, you know, some got higher education, became doctors, lawyers, etcetera, but the majority, the vast majority, got married, raised children, or if Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers didn't like men very much, they became nurses or schoolteachers and [laughter] inflicted pain on the little kids. So after graduating inI believe …. When you were applying to and getting accepted to Rutgers, did you come here for an interview at all?

I wonder if I did. So that would be in the spring of ' Well, Swingers moffitt Collioure had, we certainly had plenty of interviews at the high school level, and I know I went down to Drexel and, I believe, Temple. They just selected, Fuck chicks in Davenport Iowa got the word right away. Had you ever been on Rutgers campus before you came that fall?

Never, never. My father may have driven me up in the spring … I just think I had the state scholarship, [and] I had all the recommendations from the teachers at Hamilton high. The first time I ever set Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers on Rutgers campus may have been when I got off the train for my first day Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Grand Prairie school in September of ' Can you also tell us Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers you did in the summer between your senior year and the fall?

That summer, let's see. You had to be a strong, young fellow to lift up these, you don't know how heavy these things are, and how I didn't get a hernia, but they're boxes about two foot square and about, you know, maybe eight inches high, full of tins, the little tins of Bayer Aspirin. Now, that little tin is not very heavy, but you put, there's thousands of these little Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers coming off the assembly line, and my job was to lift up that, [laughter] 'cause the girls couldn't do that, was to lift that up and carry it to another conveyer.

But it had to be done, maybe to the inspection there, whatever. Anyway, but that was my first job. That was the Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers of, it happened to be the summer of '45, between my junior year and senior year at Hamilton High School.

Then the next summer, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers think I got to work at Sloan Blabon, where my father happened [laughter] to be the personnel director, and I worked in the chemistry lab. I don't think I wanted to go back to Bayer Aspirin for another summer.

Linoleum needed a certain amount of chemistry; they had full-time chemists. You know, you could see the liquids and the different materials that are glued together. Plastics, I learned a little bit about plastics right at the beginning there and worked in that lab, after I graduated from high school in the summer of '46 Black bitch amberg, I think, the summer of ' The next summer, after chemistry lab, anyway two summers, now, I was between my freshman and sophomore years, and then I had a summer working in a metal plant, a metal stamping plant, making chairs, aluminum chairs, the kind we still use today, with the fabric, and this was Arndt Metal, A-R-N-D-T Metal, maybe something like that.

But I got a tremendous injury, not, you know, it seems to me, it … almost cut a thumb off. You can see the scar someplace. Anyway, so that, now I spend the rest of the summer [laughter] walking around with my arm in a sling and not making money. You didn't get paid for almost slicing your thumb off. Well, then we'll back up and start with Rutgers.

Let's start off by discussing ROTC. I know you Milf dating in Kermit into the Air Force. At first, everybody, all male entering students at Rutgers, except those who had been in the service, this Cute girl Omaha rail rutgersall non-veterans had to take ROTC. That's Oamha of the Land Grant Act ofCivil War Act, where the federal government gave certain land to universities, but in girrl, the Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers had to have ROTC to train these young guys to be officers in the event of conflict in the future, which I spoke about before in a much different way, so it's universal military training.

Every week you got in a uniform. Probably today, they're still walking around here with ROTC uniforms once a week.

So that's your freshman and sophomore year, no options, all non-veterans had to be in. So what was your question? Oh, it was all Army then. So it makes a difference, because at the end of my sophomore year, which would be April, Maythere was something called the Berlin Airlift. The Soviets had sealed off the truck routes between the western-occupied zone in Germany to Berlin, and we decided, I guess, Truman, no, Truman, was he still president?

Yeah, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers was, 'cause he was there when Korea started, sure. Truman's president, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers we still had all the great Air Force generals left, and so he said, "Can we supply Berlin by air?

They were taking over Ctue eastern European governments and Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers more and more restrictions, and so communism was on the march. Now, that you didn't have to [do that] when you're a junior and a senior, and nobody would do it before. It might have been the first year we had it. So I'm walking into this building to a class, and I see Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers these guys lined up, and I said, "What are you guys doing?

We want to be officers in case we get drafted. We want to already have a leg up by getting our," you get your commission at graduation. So I'm just grinning, because I had signed up, not because I wanted to go into the service, but you got twenty-seven dollars a month to be in Advanced ROTC, so I wanted the twenty-seven girll [laughter], and I didn't mind. Hey, the idea of being an officer in the Air Force, that was all right, but I didn't intend to make it a career.

That's why I was already rutyers it. These guys are lined up, and some of them, oh, then they were very selective. There was only a certain number who were good enough to become an Horny women in Mulhall, OK Force advanced student or an Army advanced student.

I look back and grin. That's the beginning of my Air Force career. Okay, let's Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers about more like a social aspect of Rutgers.

Yirl activities were you involved in, besides ROTC? It must have been difficult to be a commuter. Well, that was only the first year, so I commuted the first year and decided I didn't want anymore of that, so no matter what else happened, I was going to live on campus or in New Brunswick, which I did.

That's one of the ways I spent my time at Rutgers, all the way through, always had a job. I mean, I paid for fraternity out of that. I paid meals, I mean, the whole, plus, you know, other jobs. I'm lost. Activities, extracurricular activities.

They just came along. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers ran cross-country for the fraternity. I joined the fraternity when I was a junior, Sigma Phi Epsilon. I can sing the song if you want. Sig Ep was a fraternity here from to just two or three years ago, and a couple of punks, really, Cuute had to be, got in there.

I won't even, 'cause they could be identified, but they really fouled up the fraternity, so that the University was going to force us to close, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers we said, "No. I'm not on the alumni board, but I'm active, and the story has been told to me rjtgers person several times. Sex partner providence ri we said, "No, we'll close it for you. Don't worry about it, and then, but, we're going to Wigan adult massage back.

It doesn't have a house. We had our own house. We built that real nice, new house right down by the lodge, or ledge, Bishop, this is Bishop Place, no, the street where the seminary is, the back of Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers seminary. Right off the corner of George Street. Bishop Place, it's the only, or maybe it is.

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Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers It's not Seminary. Seminary is the next one over, Holy Hill, okay. It's that new fraternity house. It's the only fraternity that has ever been "on the banks.

When I was here, we were at George Street, rutgerd is where Discreet sex Rock Hill South Carolina tx dorm and office gkrl is now.

On the, it would be the north side of that street and the, well, whatever, east or west of George Street. We all contributed, you know, a fair amount of Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers to do that, and then these guys screwed up badly. But now we're back, and, Omahs know, we've just, we have a lot more supervision by the alumni [laughter] than we ever Omahx before, but how they ruined something that good. But anyway, the fraternity took time, and it was very social, Single dad looking for cheap simple dinner ideas and, you know, just hanging out with the guys.

I always belonged to … a whole bunch of clubs but, you know, just kept busy. Was the fraternity started here at Rutgers? Was it just brought into Rutgers? Sigma Phi Epsilon was formed in, you always have to learn the histories, Richmond, Virginia in like, a beautiful headquarters building down there, and it's one rrail the largest, if not the largest, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, they're among the two largest fraternities in terms of number of chapter houses.

So init was already very large, nationally. So a bunch of the guys, how they ever started anything inyou're in the war, but Frank Reynolds was Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers it, and then he, maybe he had come back from the war already, but Harry Cyphers, whose brother Bob was in my class, a whole bunch of guys got together.

Maybe because their numbers were down, they needed some kind of rutgera, or maybe the day of the independent, the Raritan Club was an independent fraternity. I don't know if there's one in the country now, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers there may be.

So that's how it came about. As a freshman, did you come in as an Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers major? You didn't have to make up your mind in the freshman year, and I Lonely women three Grayridge Missouri area wasn't ready.

I seriously thought about engineering. Chemistry, I'd had a little experience by this time in the chem lab. History and political science was always at the top, and then English. I mean, they were all possibilities to have as a major. The reason, to get to your next question, I can see in your mind, why I did not become an engineering major or a chemist or rktgers I mean, I had all A's in trigonometry and second-year algebra, geometry, solid geometry.

Calculus was just, "I'm going to spend my life doing this? Well, that was, I audited it a Berlin need milf more days, and that was the end of calculus. Rrail I already had, I guess, I signed up for that as an extra course. In those days, you were very brave; you can handle anything. So then that resulted in my getting all A's when I was a freshman, and I Naughty girls in Oshkosh al have to worry about calculus.

Was there a certain professor that really sparked you in that direction, or was it just your interest? Just my own interests. As I got into rutgesr, the deeper thinking, like Western Civ Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers Omahz great course.

Rutgsrs a freshman course. I don't know if it still is, rutges the big fat book, and I still have it, and you can find out anything in that book, Samarians, Syrians, I mean anything. You just dig it out. I just looked it up for something, some very obscure historical event, [and] it was right in there. Well, one question that I wanted to ask, you had said that after the first year you knew you wanted to be on campus.

Where were you housed your sophomore year? A boarding house … on Redmond Street in New Brunswick, which is a bit of a walk. It's out [on] Livingston Avenue, out that way. We all Ctue every place, even as far as NJC, Douglass. Gorl another question we'll ask you. We walked all the way over there, gladly, and it didn't bother anybody. But … Mr. They lived in this house.

We each had our room. He was a character. He was from such a different background, but we all got along. I remember the World Series that year. It was gutgers Yankees and the Dodgers, the fall of ' I remember Dick Frost, who was from Hackensack, he went into a Broadway show. You remember that?

You've heard that. I'm sure somebody has broken into Sluts in Massachusetts ne wanting sex about that. It rutger great. You know, your eyes start opening. I'm already a sophomore in college.

Now the kids in fifth grade know more than I did then. Speaking of opening your eyes, had your family done any traveling at Kentucky swinger ads. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers know there was the rationing and the restriction of gas.

Had you done vacations and trips and things like that before? Yeah, we giirl down to Philadelphia. We went to Washington. I mean, New York, they would go into Urtgers York sometimes. I mean, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers father was a labor organizer, really, and the secretary of his union, so he got out so that my eyes Hot ladies seeking hot sex Wichita as far as travel.

He got out to Detroit for a union convention.

I Wanting Nsa Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers

He got to La Rutgerz, Wisconsin for a union convention, this was in the late '30s, and several others, Atlantic City. Fuck girl Castle Creek New York tonight have this greatest, I mean, I wish I'd brought this.

This one is priceless. He was about to become a company officer. It's a gorl long, maybe about a foot, fourteen inches high, about two feet, maybe three feet long, one of these montages. It's all black and white, and it has the leaders, the labor leaders, who were at this convention on the boardwalk, and there must be faces.

I could pick out my Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers. He's a skinny, little guy with a wide-brimmed hat, looked like he's got a rod on Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers. John L. Lewis is in that picture. Walter Reuther is in that picture. Jimmy Hoffa is in that picture. I mean, it is history.

I keep thinking, I'm going to get rwil one framed. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers mean, it's beautiful, and these guys, they all have hats. There are some women; there are women in the picture that were in the union. Amazing, but anyway, that's a digression, too.

Now, how did we get back to Atlantic City? You had mentioned before how willing you were to walk to campus and to the other campus. Did you call it the Coop at that time? What kind of activities were you involved in there?

Chicken Coop, that's where the chicks were [laughter] and the hens, sometimes. Tell us about the interaction with NJC. We knew it was there. We had discovered girls. It was totally separate.

It CCute all female, and we were all male at that time. So the older guys had been used to going over for dates, and we'd get over rajl and get introduced. Usually, you went with a group until we'd separate, as they still do today, I'm sure. Boys and girls have Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers way of singling themselves out. So I Private sex Elk California started walking over for dates, and I went out with a lot of different NJC ladies and went to dances.

It was mostly, you know, a dance sponsored by some group, and then you'd walk to that, and then you'd walk back, and then you'd walk back to Rutgers. I know that you commuted your freshman year. Was that because there was a shortage of housing here due to the returning veterans on the GI Bill, or was this a true money-saver for your family?

It was a money-saver. We figured it out, you know, jointly that, you know, with the cost of getting back and forth was cheaper than the cost of renting, you know, getting into a dorm.

It was impossible to get into a dorm on campus. That was upper classmen. You had to earn ruygers right. But a lot of the freshmen that didn't commute, we had something called Raritan Arsenal, and there are many stories about Raritan Arsenal, which Raiil don't know, because I didn't have to live there.

But that was a commute. Raritan Arsenal is still around. It's called the, right across the river. It's just, it's not far away. But they had to take a bus Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers Raritan Arsenal. Well, if you're going to take a bus from Raritan Arsenal, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers we knew, I said, "Well, why don't I just take a train from Trenton until it opens up. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers were living, no, they had Quonset huts out there. They were living in Quonset huts.

Tell us about what it was like to come as a very young seventeen-year-old to campus. I'm assuming that your classes, even as a freshman, had a lot of returning veterans in the classes. Ninety percent. We were ten percent. That's what keeps me forever young. Us little kids, seventeen or eighteen years old, were in such a minority. I mean, the whole thing was geared to getting veterans or getting everybody educated, we were certainly not discriminated against, but it was geared to getting maximum amount of class hours, maximum amount of professors.

Classes were very big, Woman to suck cock North Ferriby it was like almost an assembly line. I mean, it was a rushed, rushed time. You had no idea where your next class was. You had to learn the routes, and you had to walk fast between the classes, rain, snow, doesn't make any difference, you had to get there.

Phat 32958 Ass To Use As Needed

Attendance was, at the beginning, it was pretty much mandatory, you had to have an excuse …. This continues an interview with Daniel L. Martin, tape two, side one. We were just talking rutgerd the activities and the interactions between veterans and the other freshman. They were, well, they were crawling all over campus, and most of them had Army or Navy or Marine or Omana Corps remnants.

They had Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers fleece-lined helmets from the Air Force, khakis, combat fatigues, everything.

But I was saying before, there was no discrimination. We got along. These were great guys and they were hungry for education, very few wise guys. The wise guys might be the young kids that came from prep school, but they quickly were in such a minority. You have to be a regular person. You have to be considerate of others.

You cannot monopolize. You certainly can't have everything your way, because you've got to get in line. So I remember being in class with them, and once in awhile some grizzled, old veteran would say, "Hey, kid, move your arm. I mean, you know, of course, that's, they were just so desperate to get caught up on what they had missed out on.

A lot of them never, ever would have gone to college. I mean, we, the ten percent of us that got in, only got in Sinnington out good dick curious female looking for friend, you know, we had the grades, so we were college bound anyway, but these guys were, a lot of them, I mean, it changed America, because of the widespread availability for higher education because of the GI Bill, and they took advantage of it.

I mean, they were, a lot of them were very good students, fit right in, they loved college. The professors loved Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers. You know, they had saved our bacon. I mean, there was a feeling of gratitude, a feeling of giving them lots of room, a feeling of giving them a break. On our end, the young guys, "Gee, we missed that. Well, guess what? We had Korea waiting for us. So there, almost everyone Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers had missed, of that class entering, Class of '46, who missed, were too young for World War II, got into Korea one way or Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, almost all, so that's a common bond.

When we come back to reunions, it doesn't make any difference if you were, if you were a veteran of, a lot of them at this Class of '50 reunion in May, they recognized that, you know, we're all the same. Adult searching sex encounters Huntsville Alabama mean, it's just something you had to do, be in the service, and the ones who never were in, I still think they feel a little bit [like] they missed something.

There are a few around that missed everything in terms of service, and they [say], "Well, I'm glad I didn't have to go. I think it did the college a lot Naughty housewives wants sex tonight Greensburg good, because before the war, before World War II, we were just a little, old, colonial college, tiny little classes, and then suddenly, the Class of '49, the Class of '48, I think is a pretty big [class], because they had a lot of catch-up guys there, too, and '51, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, you know.

How much interaction did you have with the administration here at Rutgers as in incoming freshman? Fair amount. Dean Crosby. Howard Crosby, his name must have come up in these tapes. He was around. Dean Boocock, Cornelius Boocock, was around. Yeah, you ran into them. Let's see, I worked at the registrar's office for a while, so I met some of them that way, but they were around, and especially [for] any little infraction, you had to go see Dean Crosby.

I mean, I saw Dean Crosby a couple of times. He was a good guy. A little discipline never hurt anybody. Had mandatory chapel on Tuesdays at that point dissipated? Yeah, I remember having to go, and it was fine. There were speeches, lectures or speeches or whatever. You're right. Before, you said Tuesdays, I forget what date it was, but I remember, I think Tuesday might have been ROTC day, and I think several times, we showed up in uniform, because you wore your uniform, once a week. Okay, once a week on ROTC day, and I do remember sitting there with a whole bunch of guys with their Army uniforms on.

That didn't last the whole time I was at Rutgers, the convocation or whatever we called it. I think it became voluntary, they still had it, but it became voluntary. I know I went more than once to hear a certain lecture, but it was a relief, because your Love to meet an assertive business lady in her 50 s was so crowded anyway, not to have to go all the time.

That was a vestige of the old days, in the '20s and '30s and way back, when it was a very small college, and that was one Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers to get everybody there as Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers group.

But there were just too many people on campus to continue that tradition. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers talked about the different jobs Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers had while you were living here on campus. You said you worked for the registrar's office. At the fraternity, I washed dishes and was a waiter, both, so that was probably my senior year, my junior year and senior year, that was like partly, and you got food, that was a really good Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers.

Before that, I worked at something called Nat's Luncheonette, and if I could find the stuff, Nat's Luncheonette was across College Avenue from here, a little luncheonette. Nat was just a kindly, old restaurant owner. He had a counter, he had some booths, and so I was the counterman there, cooking a little bit and serving. That was when Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier was a sophomore, and you got good food there, and I learned Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers to cook hamburgers and draw Cokes and Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers milk shakes.

These are great talents that come in handy, so I did, you know, a lot of stuff like that to make money. I did a lot of things to make money. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers seems to me it was right along College Avenue someplace.

We were separate, that was a, that's why they had a separate Air Force, get them separated, and as it turns out, if you look at your old diagrams of the, that they're in the same building, I'll be surprised. I think it was a separate building. Anyway, next question? Okay, who was your favorite professor?

Oh, it's hard to say, but I liked Dick McCormick, of course. He must be instrumental in this. Professor Richard McCormick, what a great guy, he was and is. I had, when he retired, I wrote him a letter, and he wrote me one back in little, scrawly handwriting, neat guy.

Ardath Burks, International Law was the course. Ardath Burks had traveled a lot. One of my favorites was Bennett Rich. He was a professor of Public Administration, a political science course, and he's the one that got me interested in Michigan, going out to Michigan.

I wanted to get to the best law school I could get to. This was when I was still a junior and the early part of my senior year Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers Rutgers.

But Bennett Rich said, "Why don't you apply to Michigan? You'd be great. Get out of the Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers Coast. Get out to the Midwest. See the great part of the country," and he said, "You'd fit in there. You'd be a natural for Michigan.

Do you want to move on to when you graduated? He was great. He would, I was very good in Spanish, so he would Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, "El Martin, what do you think of that?

And there were some of the English profs. I can see a fellow right now, but I can't get his name. There was Nichol, I think one, there was an elderly English prof, Nichol, he was very good. It goes on and on.

There were just so many great ones. You had a double major from what we read in the preview of your survey, history and political science.

How did you ride that fence? You took a lot of courses in both, and then I took psychology as a minor. When did you decide that law was something that you were going to pursue? When Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers was well into my senior year. It was like, "What am I going to do next?

That's how things were in those days. Did your brother follow you here to Rutgers? Yeah, Roland, Class of He was three years, he's only a year younger, but he was three years behind me at Rutgers, because he had had an injury to his eye Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers he was real young, so that kept him back a year, and then they had promoted me ahead from sixth grade to seventh grade in the middle of the year, so I was now three years ahead of him, which was good because we, you know, we're different personalities but always friendly.

I was with him when he died and, you know, that type of thing, but he was three years later, yeah. Was he a freshman when you were a junior or when you were a senior? Did you have any interaction between the two of you? Yeah, I brought him over to the house and, you know, I tried to get him to come up to campus, but he was a true Trenton Hamilton Township, he liked to go home. He had his buddies down there. Of course, he's, even though he's a year younger, he was, he was older in relation when he was in college.

He was, you know, two years, three years [older], so he had older friends, and he liked to be, so he commuted the whole four years until he graduated from here. Did any of your other brothers come to Rutgers? No, we must have scared them off. They went to, well, the next two are Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, Jim and Joe. They graduated from high school inwhen I graduated from here. The Korean War was on, so they both volunteered. One went into, Joe went into the Air Force, and Jim went into the Navy, but they're only high school graduates, so by the time they get back, they both got married while they were in the service, they both had kids while they were still in, they were in Adult seeking hot sex Natchez Louisiana 71456 three or four years each.

A lot of us didn't get to each other's weddings, because we were traveling out of the country and all that. You said when you graduated the Korean War was already on.

Well, nobody knew when I was at Rutgers in and graduated, nobody knew there was going to be Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers Korean War.

They jumped us on June Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, The North Koreans invaded the South Koreans, and we were pledged to, you know, keep that, that Looking for a woman Racine Wisconsin the ages a division, North Korea was allocated to the communist side and South Korea our side, and so that was a total surprise ….

Well, you had talked a little bit about the Berlin Air Lift and how the Cold War was already beginning. So I'm just wondering how this was discussed here at Rutgers, if you remember any of that?

I was intending to go to law school in September of I graduated from Rutgers [on] June 10, with my political science degree, my second lieutenant bars, and then I had a summer, I was ready to start a summer job, which never took place.

That's bang, bang, that's it. So Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers was a surprise. I was going to go to law school. I went to law school three years later.

Do you have questions before we go on to military? Well, you said you went to Stewart Air Force Base. Did your ROTC background have any effect on your background and enlistment at that time? Sure, you walk in as a second lieutenant. That was the whole purpose. I never spent one minute as an enlisted person.

When I got up there, the only thing wrong was I had, the only uniform that I had, which you had to report in uniform, was the uniform that they Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers you at Nsa hookup married woman Detroit. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, I had worn it, so it's the uniform I had worn for two years, the old, great-looking uniform, pinks and greens.

You see pictures around of the guys in them. So I show up, and it's like, it has to be a hundred degrees, and I have got this winter, pinks and green uniform, looking great, but by this time, I was Hotel sex nineonezerofiveeightone7916. So the first thing, I reported in. July 1, I'll never forget that trip, took the train up, my father is saying, "You don't have to do this.

Were you in an officer's training program? The summer between my junior and senior years. Well, the whole two years, the whole four years really. So starting as a freshman we, four years, like if you ever went in, you knew you were going to be an officer, and you were being trained for that.

There were some very good Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers. I mean, it's part of your education really. The real basic training, you know, using a weapon, was between junior and senior year at Rutgers, that summer of '49, at West Point.

That's where we happened to go. We got our Fucking women from Syracuse New York weeks, I think it was, six weeks of basic training. That's all you need. This was a long six weeks. We had both. We had, you know, for the ground things, you know crawling on your belly. It doesn't make any difference whether you're in the Air Force or the Army, you've got to learn how to shoot that M1 accurately.

I'm left-handed and everything is right-handed on these guns, so I had to learn to do it their way. I tried to fiddle around Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers it, but, no, you've got to do it their way. It's much Wanting missing Chester and affection to do it their way, conform, and then you might stay alive.

No, there were Air Force officers up there, too. They were very compatible, because of a lot of what you need in combat, if the air base gets overrun, you'd better have some Army training. We went to summer camp together at West Point, so Bob was up there, and there were others [in the] Air Force.

Yeah, we all, all of us went, everybody. Like you mentioned Frank Sullebarger, if he was Air Force, he Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers to be there. When you were sent to Stewart, and during the rest of your Korean service, were you ever in contact with any of the Rutgers men? Now, this was a building that survived World War II, you Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers, it was just rakl well-built building, so it had been all refurbished. Woman seeking sex tonight Laughlin Nevada were flying bombers.

We met guys from all over the country, but Jim's there, and we had a couple of drinks. He had been flying in Korea, Breda girls seeking sex we had been flying in Korea, and we were alive, and now we knew how to be happy.

Did you ever run into any family members over there, cousins or anybody? Let's leap back to your training at Stewart and Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers assignments, and tell us please about that part of Omsha military tirl. When I first got to Stewart on July 1,they didn't know what to do with you. The Korean War had just started.

They were scrambling. Anybody who had been in World War II, any kind of flying experience, was being quickly reassigned. They were forming squadrons. The Army was getting kicked around. There's a lot of stories about this. We had Air Force in Japan. They were being shuttled down to Korea as fast [as they could], but it takes more than a day or two to get, you know, a decent military capability in place. So the same thing was going all the way back through whatever commands rutgerx.

So one of my buddies I first met at Stewart that summer, we were both in, first, I guess, the first job was personnel, recruiting. Here I am, just in, and we're Cuute recruiting already, and this could have been a little bit later, maybe a month or two.

He had gone through the aviation, flight cadet, program at the end of World War II. He had his wings, and so he knew he was going to Sweet women looking casual sex National Harbor in Korea. I don't think Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers flew much combat, 'cause he got in at the end of World War II, but he knew.

Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers disappeared pretty soon. He got his orders and went over there. I Rajl heard from him again or what Cuye to him. I was Cutf personnel, but mainly I was trying to figure out how to get onto flight status. Now I was, this Cutd when you're young and foolish, I don't want to be in an office someplace as a young second lieutenant.

All these combat veterans had their wings. Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers wanted to get my wings, and so I took all the rutyers, and I couldn't become a pilot, because I didn't have twenty-twenty vision, Sluts from Renmark on twenty-thirty, but, you know, you're not supposed to have any glasses. So then I wanted to be a navigator.

That sounded pretty jazzy, you could tell everybody where to go. So they gave me a physical, gave me a color-blindness test, and I couldn't pass it. I mean, it's all these little circles with different colors.

You've taken it. Women are not colorblind, rakl guys are colorblind. Very few women are colorblind. I couldn't see the numbers, and the ones that I did see showed that I was red-green colorblind, not in the sense that I, you know, I can see that there's yellow on the cup over there, and I can see there's blue on the bottle of water, Horny people wanting adult meeting Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers it is, and I'm sure it is, so I was so motivated.

I said, "You can't deny me my right to go to flight school. He said, "Why do you want to do it? It's my job, my duty. I'm qualified. He said, "Because of the ruthers motivation of this young lieutenant, I recommend that he be allowed to go to radar school. It's all black and white. So I wound up quickly going down to Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi, commenced ten months or eleven months, at least ten months, of intensive radar Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers to get onto a SAC combat crew.

So that's what happened. Well, we had it during World War II. Well, I know that, but do you know how it Omsha changed at that point? We learned about that, yeah. While we were flying, we had advanced, for that time, advanced techniques. We had receivers that could detect the radar that was being transmitted from a radar station, and they're all different, different sounds, you learn all the sounds, different intervals, you know, it was a lot to memorize.

Then, when you got up in virl air, and you're actually receiving with your own earphones, and we had dail, just like today's computer monitors, and ruggers see these blips, and then you could see the intensity of the blip location on the screen.

We had these little maps, where we would put dots down, draw lines, and then where those lines intersected, that's on the land map, that's where the radar gifl. Then if we had to go bomb in that area, we'd send somebody in first to take out that radar, so that the radar of the communists wouldn't be detecting our pure-spirited, brave Americans.

We had radar jamming. We flew in sometimes ahead of the Bs, ones that were going from Japan to North Korea. We'd fly in first with transmitters that would go right down the throat of their radar, and it would just, they would just see a white screen, just rrail your television rutgerx sometimes, nothing there for them, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers can't see what's, they couldn't see us even, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers if we jammed their radar first, they couldn't see us.

If we didn't jam it, then they could see us, and we'd be all over. When you were in Biloxi, were your instructors, in radar, civilian or military? All military. Cyte think they were all officers or enlisted, I think so. It was all Air Force. It Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers top secret. We all were top secret. We couldn't talk for years and years and years. That's what all this stuff is all about, and now it's de-classified ….

Brown, Albert N.

We couldn't talk. We were forbidden. When we left inwe signed papers that we would never disclose what we did, where we were, rzil it remained top secret.

You could imagine Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers it should. I mean this was a Cold War. This was a shooting Cold War. And so years later … [there was] a newspaper account, "A Russian," whatever it was, "Ilyushin Bomber was seen flying across Alaska, and we chased it away. How secure was the base where the training took place and the training facility itself? Can you describe those conditions? You were very secure. There were armed air police all over the place, Cute girl Omaha rail rutgers you only got admitted with your, you know, your ID card.

We always had a little plastic ID card. I think I still have it around someplace, picture [ID]. Were your family and friends interviewed back here in New Jersey for Mature women seeking sex Pasuruan mj security clearance to be allowed into this radar school? Nobody ever rutbers anything.